Jul 01, 2022

The more humble you are, the quicker you will grow.

The more humble you are, the easier it is to accept all the parts of you and allow wholeness, gratitude and love to settle in.

Have you seen the new definition of humility yet?

Being humble IS:

  • Being confident in who you are.
  • Being selfish in taking care of yourself
  • Seeing everyone as your mirror and loving each person who crosses your path
  • Being patient with yourself and others yet most importantly Yourself
  • Admitting your weakness while accepting each of them
  • Being observant of how you’re feeling in relation to what’s happening outside yourself- being able to face all the good and not good.
  • Buying that car, going on that vacation or doing that thing you love simply just because

NOT being humble IS:

  • Putting yourself down for not doing or being enough
  • Serving other people so much that your forget to serve yourself
  • Judging yourself harshly
  • Giving other people the benefit of the doubt and not doing the same for you
  • Putting the people you look up to on a pedestal and not allowing yourself to see that you are equal
  • NOT following your heart and doing what thrills you

Oh could I keep going on….

Be humble to life, redefine what humility is to YOU not what others and the world defines it as.

You have a POWER within you that only YOU have. Step into it, discover the Diamond Within you so you can truly BE the Empress you’re meant to be

Love you xoxo

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