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Meet Camilla Peterson

Let me start by saying, “I’ve been around the block.” 15 years ago my husband and I started our first business making lamps! We went on to having a dental lab in our basement with a dental tech school on the side for 10+ years. We were too scared to go big with our dental tech company until we Transcended our Mind and that's when everything changed.

I'm the queen of creating not only online schools, but also helping entrepreneurs like yourself Transcend to the next level and beyond your wildest dreams; simply by training you how to tap into the deepest parts of your mind to consistently achievE your goals so you can live your ultimate life!
I have worked with many entrepreneurs such as: spiritual leaders, networking marketing teams, realtors, coaches, writers, editors, model, actress, a world champion horse breeder, and several founders and CEO’s of multi-million dollar companies that have quickly doubled and quadrupled their income, creating massive results in their life and business simply by Transcending their Mind.
I'm not just your ordinary coach, I am a Trainer. To become a trainer, you must test your limits, stretch your mind, body and soul, face all your fears and evolve 3 neurological levels beyond what a coach even dares to do.
What does that mean? 
You're in great hands! I know the ins and outs of how your mind works; thus being able to quickly pinpoint what your problem is and help you shift neurologically, helping you evolve what would take decades, even a lifetime; just within a short few years. Get ready to grow exponentially fast.
My goal here is to over deliver an insane amount of value to you. 
As the Founder of Transcend Trainings.... I have lots of incredible free techniques, workshops and mini trainings to share with you what has helped my clients achieve a life beyond what they ever dreamed of!
With love,
Camilla Peterson